I will try to get this information converted to an online "form" you can use to e-mail your signup. Until that time you can copy and paste from this screen (assuming your browser lets you) and send me e-mail. Or you can print this out and send it to:

KOG/Freq Sound
5451 Watercress Place
Columbia MD 21045-2455
USA 410 964-3548

While there is no cost to join the group, you must pay postal costs if you want to receive the InGear newsletters for free. USA members must send in four 32 cent first class stamps. International members must send $4.00 or 4 International Reply Coupons (IRC) for one ounce first class letters. You can purchase IRCs from your post office.




City-State/Province-ZIP/Postal Code___________________________________________________________

Country___________________________Phone________________________ FAX __________________________

E-Mail addresses: ____________________________________________________________________________

Please describe your K2000/K2500 MIDI setup (check all that apply):

Other MIDI gear _______________________________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________________________________ Describe your computer setup:

MIDI interface: Software you own: Digital Audio products you own: Any additional comments you might have: ________________________________________________________________________________________________