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Disks with "A" as their first letter are primarily from an acoustic source. Disks with "E" as their first letter are primarily from an electronic source. Disks that have an "S" in their catalog number include stereo samples. All entries are single disks unless noted with the extension "/2", "/3", etc.. Sample disks are DS/HD.

Disks are $3.00 (USA) each (2 disks sets are $6.00, 3 disk sets are $9.00)
Anyone submitting new disks to the library will earn a $3 credit per disk. You may not submit commercial or copyrighted material.
There are no freight charges for US orders. Foreign orders will pay for first class postage.
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KOG/Freq Sound
5451 Watercress Place
Columbia MD 21045-2455 USA
410 964-3548

A01-001 Double Bass
A01-010 Cello
A01-040 Violin/Cello
A01-050 Violin w/pizzicato
A01-100 Harp Strings

A01-101 Concert Harp
A01-200/2 String Section (2 disks)

A02-001 French Horn Section
A02-002 French Horn
A02-100 Trumpet/Flugelhorn
A02-101 Trumpet
A02-200 Tuba

A02-500 Horn Section
A02-501 Pop Brass Section

A03-001 Bassoon
A03-100 Bass Clarinet
A03-150 Oboe/Recorder
A03-151 Oboe
A03-200 Flute1

A03-201 Flute2
A03-210 Vocal Flute

A04-001/3 Bosendorfer Piano (3 disks)
A04-005 Bright Piano
A04-006 Grand Piano
A04-007/2 Piano 2 (2 disks)
E04-050 DX7 Electric Pianos
E04-051 SY77TinePiano/Catharsis
E04-052 DX7 Electric Pianos2
A04-100 Pipe Organ
A04-140 Accordion
A04-141/2 Accordion 2 (2 disks)
E04-150 Farfisa
E04-151 Distorted Hammond
E04-152 B-3 Leslie
E04-153 Hammond w/perc
E04-180 Clavinet
E04-200/3 OB Matrix-12 (3 disks)
E04-700 D-50 Fantasia
E04-701 D-50 Strings
E04-800 M1 Universe
E04-801 M1 Ethnic
E04-802 M1 Mix
E04-900/2 MIDILayers (2 disks)
E04-901 String/Vox&Bell/Synth
E04-902 Stardust
E04-903 Fairlight Layers
E04-904 Space Synth 1
E04-905S Techno Synth 1

A05-001 Tympani/Military Snare
A05-002 Cymbal Roll/Crash
A05-003S Stereo Tympani
A05-100 Drum Kits1
A05-101 Drum Kits2
A05-102 Drum Kits3
A05-103 Drum Kits4
A05-104 Drum Kits5
A05-105 Drum Kits6
A05-106 Drum Kits7
A05-107 Drum Kits8
A05-150 Brush Drums 1
A05-200 Flip Drums
E05-400 R-100 Drums
E05-401 Emu SP-1200
E05-402 TR-808/727
E05-403 TR-909
E05-405 M1 Drums
E05-430 R8 Drums 1
E05-440 D4 Drums1
E05-441 D4 Drums2
E05-445 D4 Percussion 1
E05-446 D4 Percussion 2
E05-450 P3 Ethnic Percussion 1
E05-451 P3 Ethnic Percussion 2
A05-500 Steeldrum/Kalimba/Marimba
A05-501 Tam-Tam1
A05-502 Tam-Tam2
A05-503S RotoTom w/stick

A05-504S RotoTom w/mallet
A05-505 Kalimba/Slit Drum/TempleBlock
A05-520 Brazilian Rainstick
A05-600 Big Bells
A05-601 Handbells
A05-700 Percussion 1
A05-701 Percussion 2
AE05-800 Thunking Things1
E05-810 Techno Drums 1
E05-820 Rap Drums 1
E05-830 Electronic Drums 1
E05-850 Drum Loops 1
E05-851 Drum Loops 2
E05-852S/2 Drum Loops 2S (2 disks)

E06-001 Chapman Stick
A06-100 Acoustic Guitar
A06-130/2 2 String Guitar (2 disks)
A06-150 Classical Guitar
E06-160 Clean Guitar
E06-170 Clavitar
E06-200 Synth Bass
E06-201 DX7 Guitar/Bass
E06-250 Fretless Bass 1
E06-251 Scoop's Bass
E06-252 Slap Electric Bass
E06-253 Fretless Bass 2
A06-300 Jazz Bass
A06-400 Dulcimer
A06-401 Sitars
A06-420 Koto
A06-500 Banjo 1

A07-001 Boys Choir
A07-002/2 Vocal OOZE/OZ/BAA (2 disks)
A07-003 Beach Boys

A07-100S Vocal FX 1

A08-001 Applause
A08-002/2 Babies (2 disks)
A08-003 Clockworks
A08-004/2 Nature (2 disks)
A08-005 Crowd Sounds
A08-006S Horse
A08-007/2 Glass/Car/Gun/Sirens (2 disks)
A08-008 Cartoon Sound
A08-009 Explosions1
A08-010 Jungle/Farm Animals
A08-020 Machines 1

A09-001 Hits
A09-002 James Brown
A09-003 Theodore
A09-004 PeeWee Herman
A09-005 3 Stooges
A09-006 Hits2
A09-007/2 HipHouse (2 disks)
A09-008/2 Tonight Show (2 disks)
A09-009/2 Letterman Show (2 disks)
A09-010 Hits3
aA09-011 Hits4aa
A09-050/2 Stars Wars (2 disks)
E09-500 SMPTE TimeCode
C09-800 Sample (Atari ST)
C09-850 CSound (PC)
M09-900 K2000 Tools 1.2 (Mac)
A09-950 Dark Side o/t Moon-Dan Fisher
A09-970 Pongware1
A09-980 ROM Edits/Waveforms

Backissues of InGear
First Year Compilation (#1-4) $2.00

#5 $1.00
#6 $1.00
#7 $1.00
#8 $1.00

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